CASA First does not currently have any staff openings.



CASA First believes every foster child should have their unique needs met and deserves a safe, permanent and loving home.





Volunteers are welcomed to join our CASA First Ambassadors

Ambassadors are volunteers, including CASA Advocates who support CASA First through community outreach, fundraising and special events. If interested in joining this dynamic group, please call or email.



 Thank you for your interest in Child Welfare and CASA First

We are interested in hearing from you and hope you will share with us your story, interest and experiences with child welfare and CASA First.

We want your feedback. If you have had less than exceptional experience, we apologize and hope you will tell us so that we learn and improve. If you have a complaint of grievance, please contact our Executive Director at 505-820-1500 or  Our staff grievance Policy is below.


  Grievance Procedure and Policy

All employees and Volunteer Advocates are entitled to full consideration of problems arising from their work and have the right to a confidential and impartial hearing of any complaint.

If the matter cannot be settled informally through discussion, the employee may request in writing a review by the Board of Directors, and the Volunteer Advocate may request in writing a review by the Executive Director. The Board or the Executive Director, as the case may be, will examine the problem, make necessary inquiries and, based on the facts presented, make a final and binding decision regarding the complaint.

 If there is suspicion of abuse or neglect of a client, a report must be made to the Executive Director immediately.  The Executive Director will immediately investigate the allegation, notify the Board of Directors and take appropriate legal action. The grievance report and a summary of the action taken will be maintained on file.

  NMCVRC Contact

The public has the right to contact the New Mexico Crime Victims Reparation Commission (NMCVRC), which provides resources for victims of crime as well as being one of our funders. Please contact the VOCA Grant Administrator with concerns or questions at


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